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“As a human resource professional and leadership coach, Tasleem had a very positive impact on my leadership approach as I started at a new organization. She brought a very focused and insightful perspective to our discussions. Tasleem could always be counted on to prepare a plan and then proactively executive on that vision. She provided an environment encouraging senior leaders and front line employees alike, to have challenging conversations, to consider and take risks, and to be accountable for their actions. It was a pleasure to work with Tasleem.”

Glenda, Vice President

“I have worked with Tasleem during the last few years and am privileged to have her as a resource. In one-on-one sessions, we analyzed different situations, ranging from simple conversations or relationships to those that challenged and confounded me. Tasleem’s strong interpersonal and communication skills provided insight and perspective that focused my actions to maximise results while identifying and managing distractions. In working with Tasleem we found ways to work through or around obstacles using approaches that can be applied again and again.

In spending a lengthy period of time with one company, it remained important to have someone to talk to from the outside, for both perspective and encouragement. Working with Tasleem has helped me improve the quality of decisions made and create more positive interactions and relationships with those around me.”

Mark, Vice President

“Tasleem has a unique ability to get to the heart of an issue, and rather than tell you what you should do, she will ask all the right questions so that you see the answer clearly for yourself.

Tasleem was particularly helpful as I navigated a new company culture and set of leadership challenges. Together we built a solid action plan that involved making difficult decisions and transforming my department from one that was not meeting organizational goals to one that was engaged, high performing and exceeding the company’s goals.

Tasleem made me think, challenge myself, and held me accountable for my actions and follow through. Meeting often with Tasleem helped me gain accelerated results in a short period of time.

I recommend Tasleem to anyone seeking to have an impact on their organization and to become a stronger leader. Thanks for all the support and guidance Tasleem!”

Ashley, Operations Director

“My relationship with Tasleem started with coaching but very quickly turned into a friendship. Her calm, no nonsense approach enabled her to impartially listen and quietly probe the challenges I was facing.

Tasleem likes to know her clients so she can offer them deeper, insightful coaching and this personalized approach made it easier for me to open up and accept where both my strengths and areas for improvement were, which Tasleem was then able to help me develop.

Tasleem’s ability to let you come to your own solutions is insightful and her coaching certainly contributed to the leader that I am today.”

Elaine, Director PMO

“Tasleem is a true inspiration and mentor to me. I have gained so many insights through my professional and personal coaching experience with her. These insights have made a huge impact in the following areas: coaching my team for growth and development, building confidence in my skills, communicating effectively with employees, other leaders and customers, and finding work/life balance. She is an amazing listener and problem solver. I would not be where I am today without her support and coaching. I highly recommend Tasleem as your trusted coach and mentor.”

Julia, Manager

“I have had the opportunity to work with Tasleem for many years now. Tasleem has helped me to change my leadership style and approach from simply pointing out the performance issues, to asking strong coaching questions to get to the heart of the issue. The result has been a more engaged team and it has transformed leadership to a fun and exciting journey with my team, versus a daunting task of solving the “problems.” Thank you Tasleem for teaching me what effective coaching looks like and how life changing it can be.”

Anonymous, Director, IT


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