Executive coaching is future-focused.  This means you work 1:1 with a coach to achieve the desired goal or set of goals.  Normally these goals are career-focused however, certainly life goals go hand in hand with career goals as well.

You will meet with your coach on a regular basis to discuss your goals.  The coach is trained to ask you thought-provoking questions that will dig deeper into existing barriers, limiting beliefs and habits that are getting in the way of achieving goals.  Further, the coach supports you to find solutions that will help accelerate goal achievement and success.

At the onset of the relationship, you will work with the coach to define what your goals are and your timeframe to achieve each goal.  Based on this conversation, you and your coach will decide how often you will meet with each other and what the measurable outcomes will be that you want to achieve at the conclusion of the program.

The coach may also suggest exercises, activities or areas to think about for your next session and it is your responsibility to take the time to work through those if you want to maximize results.