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Have you struggled with wanting to move past anxiety and depression? Crave physical wellness without the restrictions of food and exercise?  Love yourself and your body just as it is?

It is possible to live a life free of guilt, self-criticism, and self-sabotage.

It is time for you to let go of control and just be authentically YOU!

Historically, we have given away TOO MUCH POWER and therefore compromised our health, mental well-being, and created unhealthy patterns for ourselves and our bodies. This program is centered around igniting intuition – the powerful ability we all have to just KNOW what is right for us.

Invest in you, and know that by taking this one simple step, you can manifest the life and transformation you have been craving.

In this program you will:

  • Learn to work with your emotions in a healthy way,
  • Understand the storylines and narratives that are keeping you stuck,
  • Find true freedom in your body just the way it is,
  • Show up unapologetically as the true you,
  • Shine with confidence and know that your intuition is taking you on the best path for you,
  • Get to know your body’s cues for yes and no,
  • Develop boundaries and ditch people-pleasing for good,
  • Integrate intuition into your daily life and use it to make valuable decisions and trust your instincts,
  • And so much more healing power!

Program materials include:

  • 10 Powerful Chapters with handouts and journal inspirations to work with,
  • 10 1-hour online sessions weekly with Tasleem Jessani, Executive and Intuitive Coach and Founder of Rubiks Coaching,
  • Over 20 Guided Meditations unlocked with each chapter, designed specifically to ignite intuition and develop mindfulness,
  • Special topics and discussions around forgiveness, trauma healing, sabotage, food and body freedom, and so much more.

Program Details:

Date: Starting Tuesday, January 12, 2021, and ending March 13, 2021

Time: Every Tuesday evening from 7:00pm – 8:00pm PST

Where: Live online Teams meeting, recordings of sessions will be available after each class.


Trust yourself, trust your intuition.  This is your first courageous step towards transformation – you deserve it!


Secure your spot today before space runs out!


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