How many of you have been focusing on social media right now?

I’ve seen lots of great posts during this time with COVID-19.  Tons of funny memes, or helpful posts about how to make our lives easier during this very trepidatious time.  Many businesses have really stepped up to offer free online resources to help us through while we work from home, get used to a slower lifestyle, and spend more time with our loved ones than we ever have!  While this all sounds good, it’s massive adjustment guys. It’s important to acknowledge that.

You have to wonder though – with people being on social media now more than ever – because folks, this the best way for us to stay connected right now – how many of you are really taking advantage of marketing yourself or your business?

Particularly if you haven’t been very active on social media, or you’re still building your brand and social media presence – have some of you may have actually reduced your presence and decided that it’s “not the right time.” Is that you?

Well here’s the thing, it is the perfect time!  And I have a treat for you so that you can start RIGHT NOW.

I had Jennifer Kolbuc from Mountain Top Consulting join me to do a video just for you!  Jennifer shares with us her best tips on how to get started on Instagram – and guys, it’s not that hard!  But with an expert like Jennifer who knows the strategy behind this type of thing, who wouldn’t want to learn a little more about how you can get your brand out there, at a time when so many people are watching!

Check out this video and I promise you’re going to take away some great tips, and a lot more confidence on leveraging Instagram.  If you want to get in touch with Jennifer directly, click here.

Enjoy, and wishing you all much love, health and safety!


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