If you haven’t heard of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT tapping), then I’m sure you will. EFT has become a popular topic and tool used for self-care with remarkable reported benefits. However, more recent exploration and discussion of this topic raises the question: How can this technique help one to become a stronger performer and leader?

In my practice, I have leveraged EFT tapping as a tool to further the progress my clients have experienced. This method is effective because we have many blockers that interrupt us from being our best selves. For example, if you know much about acupuncture and Chinese medicine, the main healing journey involves removing blockages around the energy meridians in the body. Similarly, our thoughts engage in blockages, where predispositions or the wiring of our brains lead us to think and feel a certain way. The only way to get past these blockages is to explore and re-route them.

I had one client in particular who, on the surface, had a very successful professional life. Her career was stable, she had a well-paying job, and was a dedicated mother and wife. She seemed to have it all together – but when she came to me for coaching, she said she felt stagnant in her career. All around her, people where getting promoted to progressively higher leadership-level roles. She was frustrated – why couldn’t she achieve this?

I recommended to her that before our next coaching session, she works through an EFT tapping session. I asked her to write down where she was physically feeling blockage or restriction in her body on that day, and in her writings, try to describe the feeling. If possible, I wanted her to identify what is happening in her life that makes the restriction feel worse. These were the thoughts and feelings she needed to keep with her for her tapping session.

It was incredible what came out of this. She arrived at our session excited and full of energy. She said she had a real breakthrough as she started to work through this technique. She realized that the restrictions she has been feeling in her personal and career life were due to her not establishing boundaries! This insight gave us a focused topic to discuss and develop in that coaching session.

After sorting through a plan of how she can go about setting clear boundaries, we followed up on her progress at the next session. As I had suspected, it was exactly what she needed to work on. And as she continued to implement changes and reinforce her boundaries, her energy and performance increased. Establishing boundaries gave her virtual space where she needed, and in her mind, the possibilities became limitless. I’m happy to report that this client landed a fantastic career opportunity for her, and has never been happier.

Next time you’re feeling your career is stagnant or blocked, try this technique. You will be amazed at what surfaces for you!

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